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Johannes Anderson



Johannes Andersen, one of Denmark's greatest furniture designers, not only achieved international recognition during his lifetime, but is still one of his most respected designers today. His curved-shaped seating not only has an extraordinary style, it also impresses with its incredible comfort. His "Capri sofa" is perhaps his most famous design with its striking curves, but his "Allegra bar stools" also nestle up to the human body with comfort - simply typical of Danish design: stylish yet practical solutions. Andersen's dining chairs are both fashionably balanced and designed to fit the human body.

Johannes Andersen was rooted in the Scandinavian style - a modest chic with flowing contours and yet striking design. But he shaped the features to such an extent that they became his own. In his work, it is above all the curves that stand out, even in ways never before seen. His coffee tables are not usually angular, not even daringly oval - he convinces with curved tops and rounded edges and thus soft, organic forms, like his futuristic "smile" table from 1954.

Andersen was born in Aarhus, on the Danish east coast of Jutland, in 1903. Like many of his equally famous designer compatriots, Andersen first trained as a cabinet maker. In the mid-30s he founded his own workshop and recognised the increasing international importance of Danish modernism. But he also always created designs for other well-known manufacturers, such as "Trensum Sweden" or "CFC Silkeborg" in Denmark. He died at the age of 94.Johannes Andersen.